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This site support two different networks: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Each private keys should be imported in different menus. also can import keys from an external wallet in two formats: BIP44 HD wallet format (Supported wallets:, Mycelium, Jaxx) and standart simple WIF format.

Wallet with "BIP44 compatible" support will give you 12-24 words as the "seed" and use those words to deterministically generate a 512 bit seed to deterministically create a BIP32 master key, and then create and use child keys in the manner specified by BIP44. Having this key, you will get a unlimited various addresses for your wallet.

How to import a private key
into wallet
(Step by step)

  1. log into your web wallet
  2. click SETTINGS
  3. click Tools
  4. click "Import External Wallet" on modal window
  5. click "Simple Private Key"
  6. paste your private key in WIF format
  7. click Next
  8. waiting for synchronization

How to import private key into wallet